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1950 Shelby Donald Duck Bicycle

April 1st, 2007 · 27 Comments

The Shelby Cycle Company is well known for creating some of the most desirable collector bicycles.  Shelby’s main retail customers were the large chain stores such as Montgomery Ward, Spiegel, Gambles stores, Firestone and Goodyear.

From 1949 to 1951 Shelby entered the Disney marketplace with the release of their Donald Duck bicycles, which were painted yellow and blue and featured a three-dimensional Donald Duck head on the front of the frame.  These unique bikes came in girls' and boys' frames and in numerous sizes.  Fun features included the light up eyes in Donald's head and the novelty horn, which made a quacking sound.  Other features include an adjustable Troxel Spring Seat, replica gas tank, chrome wheels and chrome handlebar with matching blue grips.

Because of its limited production, it is very hard to find a one of these items in good condition.  Most of the Donald Duck Bicycles you find at auction have been restored by vendors that specialize in Shelby restoration.  Restored versions of the Shelby Donald Duck bikes sell in the range of $5000, and an original item in near fine condition commands close to $10000.

Even if you can’t afford to invest in a dynamic piece such as this, there other some related collectibles to the Donald Duck bicycle line.  During their production period, American Bicyclist and Motorcyclist Magazine featured two types of advertisements for the product.  Original copies of these magazines in fine condition can be had for $30 to $50.


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