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Mysterious large Snow White statues

November 1st, 2007 · 90 Comments

An unusual Snow White statue
Have you seen any large Snow White statues like this? All I can find are figurines.

Here's another Disney memorabilia stumper: What's the deal with these large Snow White yard statues?

Like the reader who submitted them, I cannot find any information about any statues, figurines, or anything near the size of these. There's plenty of info on small ceramic, porcelain, metal and even rubber Snow White / Dwarfs which are all under 12 inches or so, but nothing about a 3 foot version.

I have "inherited" a complete set of cast (concrete/plaster) statuettes of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I have attached a photo Dopey and Snow White. To lend perspective, Snow White is approximately three feet tall. I have done extensive research, and have not been able to find any characters larger than twelve inches in height. I wood like to know their value. Thanks.

Even if we can't get any information, at least you can enjoy these couple photos showing Snow White and Dopey. They definitely could use a bit of TLC, but they're still fun to see! Click for larger versions.

An unusual Snow White statue An unusual Snow White statue

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