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Tip: Have a theme for your pin collection

October 10th, 2007 · No Comments

Disney Haunted Mansion pin
With the rampant pin-mania that's sweeping Disney fans everywhere, Disney has released so many pins that you have to spend some serious cash if you want to collect them all. I suggest choosing a theme or two for your collection to help you stay organized and also to keep costs under control.
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Discussion forums are now open!

August 27th, 2007 · 1 Comment

Mouse ears hat
I have just installed a nice, clean forum package which you can use to talk about Disney memorabilia collecting, buy/sell/trade, and even post photos of your own items if you have questions on valuation or something else.

You can find the link to the forums at the top of the site or you can enter the Disney Memorabilia forums here.

You'll need to create a free account to post messages, but after that, it's easy and smooth sailing! You need to enter an e-mail address to create the account (it's a requirement of the software) but rest assured that I will never sell or rent your information you provide. I may send a very rare e-mail to the forum list with important information, but I don't have any plans to at this time. If you really don't want to hear from me, you can select to not receive the forum e-mails in your Account profile.

Currently, there are just a few forums available which should hold most of the questions and other stuff that people will need for collecting Disney Memorabilia, but if you have ideas for addition categories or something like that, please be sure to let me know! You can use the forum called Site Suggestions or click the About link at the top of the page to e-mail me directly.

Enjoy the forums and lets get that community up and going! I need your help since the world of Disney collectibles is SO BIG! 😀

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Get on the Highschool Musical collecting bandwagon

August 16th, 2007 · 7 Comments

Fans went crazy when the High School Musical stars appeared at Disneyland
I must admit that I've never watched the hugely popular Disney TV show "High School Musical" however, you cannot spend any length of time in the Disney-fan circles without hearing someone gushing about how great it is. However, ignorance is no excuse to miss the High School Musical (HSM) collectible freight train!

Just to give you an idea of how popular this show is, witness the frenzy created at Disneyland over the appearance of several of the show's stars. The temperatures were high, the sun blazing and yet the HSM fans were out in force -- here's a couple clips to demonstrate (original article):

Imagine if you were one of the thousands of fans who descended on the Magic Kingdom in search of a little "High School Musical" magic of their own.


La Mirada, who hosted a slumber party for eight friends, stayed up until 3 a.m., then got up in time to leave the house at 6 a.m. to stake out a spot on the carpet to see the stars.

So, where am I going with this, you're asking? Well, stop and think back to when you were a teenager and of all the things you were "wild and crazy" about. How much money have you spent collecting those old Transformers, video games, Cabbage Patch Kids, or whatever, now that you're older and have a bit of money to spend?

Now, think of the millions of High School Musical fans out there today and imagine them when they're older and trying to relive the "glory days" of their youth. They'll need someone to buy all those collectibles from on Ebay and that should be you! So, head-out and load-up on HSM goodies (and probably Hannah Montana while you're at it) and seal them in a container in your basement for a decade or two. Assuming Ebay is around in 20 years, you'll probably be thanking me 😀

Here's a few HSM auctions currently on Ebay if you need to get started!

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