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Welcome Disneyana Collectors!

I have created this website as a resource for both serious and part-time collectors of Disney Memorabilia. My goal is to provide an informative look at the infinite number of Disneyana collectible categories, and provide the latest news stories related to the industry. I will also feature some of the best resource sites on the net specifically for Disney collectibles. Here is an overview on how this site is structured…

The Collectibles section examines rare Disney collectibles and the many interesting niches of Disneyana.

Our Collector’s Corner features articles and resources for Disneyana collectors, as well as overviews of the best Disney collectible sites on the internet.

The Disneyana News section is updated with the latest news surrounding the world of Disney memorabilia.

Head over to the Collecting Tips section to get ideas and tips for improving your collections and don't hesitate to share some of your own tips if you have any!

If you want to help build the community by asking and answering questions, sharing ideas, and chatting about collecting in general, head over to the NEW Disney Memorabilia Forums. It's easy and it's FREE!

You will also find several auction pages listed on the toolbar. These pages display live niche-specific auction feeds directly from eBay. They can be used as an efficient way to bargain hunt without getting lost in the labyrinth of eBay.

In the long term, my goal is to build a small community of Disneyana collectors are willing to share their advice and experiences to this site. If you would like to participate by writing an article or sharing your collection, then please email me using the address on the Contact Page. Please read the next paragraph if you have questions regarding a specific piece or value of an item.

New Collectors
The most common questions I receive from new collectors concern the value of a particular piece. While I am far from an authority on Disneyana valuation, I will certainly try to help. To save us all some time, please try to research your piece before asking for advice. eBay is always a good starting to point to determine the “market value” of most collectibles. Please use the new Disney memorabilia forums to ask item-specific questions.

Thanks for Visiting and Happy Collecting,

Your Host - Disneyman

Just for Fun…An Overview of Disneyana Listings on the Internet

  • 2,410,000 search results on Google for the term Disneyana
  • 3,350,000 for the term Disney Collectibles
  • 2,850,000 for the term Disney Memorabilia
  • 49,029 Disney listings on eBay within the Collectibles category
  • 169 Disneyana listings on eBay

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